Systems to Deliver Water during Droughts

Two systems may be useful during droughts.

Hose Based System

The first is a hose based system that can move large volumes of water for very long distances.

The long hose system can move water from areas that have excess water to areas that are suffering from drought.
The hoses can be rapidly deployed by trucks. When the drought is ended, the hoses can be
reused in other locations.

A town called Spicewood Beach in Texas no longer has water in its local wells.
Each day, a tanker truck delivers water to each house in the town.
It would be very expensive to install new underground water pipes from a nearby city that has water.
It is possible that one rainy season could refill the wells, and make a new underground pipe system unnecessary.
A better solution would be a temporary hose based system.

The long hose system can also be used to deliver water to fight wildfires. Wildfires are a more serious problem during droughts
because the trees and vegetation lack their normal moisture.

Click HERE to see the proposed hose based system.

Intelligent Irrigation System

Another proposed system is a new type of intelligent irrigation system.
Water shortages around the world require that the existing water be used more efficiently.

The proposed new topology for intelligent irrigation can lower the cost of these systems that use water more efficiently.

Water can be delivered to a drought region by the hose based system (above), and then the water can be efficiently delivered to
crops by the new type of intelligent irrigation system which can be seen HERE.

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