Aftermarket Crumple Box       US Patent 8,113,554
The figures above show a US patented "aftermarket" version of a crash box or crumple box. You would be able to buy this box and have it installed by a local mechanic. 

The crumple box is placed in the rear storage area of a vehicle to add protection from a rear collision. The box is filled with energy absorbing material.
The crumple box can be removed when storage space is needed.  It will have quick attach/release fasteners for rapid installation and removal. It components will disassemble in order to reduce the weight that must be lifted, and to reduce its volume for storage. The bumper can be manually pushed closer to the vehicle to allow parking in tight spots. A motorized version could be built.

This crumple box is mainly designed to protect the rear of the vehicle. Aftermarket side bumpers are possible but more difficult to design/install.
On the previous page is a version of the invention that protects the sides as well as the rear. It will have to be designed into the vehicle by the auto companies.

In the future, cars will become smaller to be more fuel efficient. If you are in a collision in a tiny car, you are twice as likely to die as a person in a larger car.
Extendable bumpers can dramatically reduce g forces on passenger bodies.

     Save Gas and Save Lives with an extendable-bumper/crumple box.

I am looking for a company that is interested in funding the development of the aftermarket invention.

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