Adaptive Bumper System
The figure above shows of one embodiment of the Engagement Mechanism.
The plate with the square hole (58) can allow the shaft (20) to pass through the square hole (60),
or can block the movement of the shaft (20).

The figure shows the plate blocking the shaft, so that if a vehicle hits the bumper (22), the shaft (20)
will force the large plate (18) to crush the energy absorbing material.

In a low speed collision, the sensor signals the solenoid (65) to move the plate (58) upwards so that
the shaft will pass through the square hole, and the energy absorbing material will not be crushed.
The figures below show the shaft blocked on the left, and passing through on the right.

The Adaptive Bumper invention can be added to the Shared Crumple Zone invention which is described next on the BACK page.
A city car might add a front bumper with the Shared Crumple Zone invention in order to reduce g forces in frontal collisions.



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