Two-Wire Irrigation Systems
The above image shows the best current technology for remote control of irrigation valves.
A single wire pair from the Controller is connected to all of the remote valves.
Some type of digitally addressed data network is used to send commands and read data from remote devices.
The point is that a single wire pair is able to communicate with a multiplicity of devices.
The wire pair can also have branches to other wire pairs.

This technology is offered by RainBird, Toro, Netafim, and other large irrigation companies.
Note that this single wire pair is in a separate trench from the PVC trench.
Also, this single wire pair is usually protected by its own (expensive) conduit.

The image above shows the topology of the proposed new technique of embedding the wire pair in the PVC pipe and couplers.
Only a single trench is needed. No conduit is needed to protect the wire pair.

IMPORTANT: The hardware and software sold by RainBird, Toro, Netafim, etc., will work on the embedded wire pairs of the proposed system.
                   Their systems require only a wire pair connection between the controller and the remote devices. The topology of the wire pair does not matter.
                   The proposed topology is COMPATIBLE, which is an important feature in speeding the Diffusion of Innovation.

                   It may be useful to use the embedded wires for simply powering a remote pump. No data network would be needed.



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