My Bio

BS in Electrical Engineering from Drexel Univ.

MS in Electrical Engineering from MIT


Member of Technical Staff at Bell Telephone Labs - 11 years

   Worked on design of first digital telephone switching system

   Awarded 4 US patents for digital system designs


Member of Staff at MIT Lincoln Lab              -  7 years

   Designed a real time digital signal processor
   for automatic detection of ground targets by
   an airborne radar

   Designed a unique way to synchronize an anti-jam
   spread spectrum communication system

   Awarded 1 US patent for a new memory architecture
   for constant-false-alarm-rate target detection systems


Engineer at Motorola Semiconductor Products      - 17 years

   Specialist in microprocessors and digital systems

   Several years experience in automotive electronic

   Awarded 1 US patent for design of an RF based
   security system


Currently Retired and Inventing Things

   Awarded 3 US patents for a safer small car invention

   Awarded US and Canadian patents for systems to move fluids.

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