Japanese Kei Cars
A Proposal that will allow the rapid introduction of safe small cars to the U.S. market:

I propose that the auto manufacturers, in the U.S., use Japanese Kei car technology to quickly produce low cost, fuel efficient vehicles for the American consumer.
Initially, the components could be purchased from Japan, and later the components could be manufactured in the U.S.

Kei cars are a special class of cars in Japan. They are limited to an engine size of 660cc and have vehicle size, but not weight, restrictions. They are made by many different Japanese car companies and they are mature designs that are reliable, and get up to 60 mpg. They can cost less than $10,000. If Kei cars were converted to hybrids, they might approach 100 mpg.

However, they CANNOT be driven in the U.S. because they don't meet collision safety requirements.

I believe that adding my energy absorbing, crumple box invention to a Kei car will allow it to pass U.S. collision safety requirements.

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