Hale Products 
Hale Products is one of the larger pump suppliers to first responders.
Mike Laskaris is the Director of Engineering at Hale Products.
He and Steve Shoap (IFFC, LLC) co-authored a paper on Digital Control of Relay Pumping that was accepted for publication by the
IEEE Homeland Security Technology Conference in Boston (Nov. 13-15, 2012).

Click HERE to read the paper.

In the paper, Mr. Laskaris states:

"Using a digital network embedded in fire hose creates a powerful control system that not only provides remote control and improved manpower availability, it can add to safe operations because of a more reliable view of the system. It can also keep First Responders out of hazardous areas. The system cost increase is minor, and the improvements in capabliity are significant."

The image below is a Hale Diesel pump on a trailer. This type of pump could be towed by a pickup truck, or the pump could be placed
in the bed of the truck.

Click HERE to see an article about Digital Relay Pumping, by Steve Shoap, in the magazine Wildfire.
Wildfire is published by the International Association of Wildland Fire.

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