The top left picture is a top view of the car with side and rear bumpers in the expanded state. The cardboard in the center represents the location of the honeycomb aluminum that is shown in the lower photo. The honeycomb aluminum is an excellent crash energy absorber.

The yellow objects inside of the vehicle are plates that connect to the shafts that connect to the side and rear bumpers.
When a bumper is impacted, the shafts transfer the impact to the yellow plates, which compress the aluminum honeycomb.
The plates act like pistons.

The top right picture is a top view of the car with the side and rear bumpers in the retracted state.
Note that there will be voids in the honeycomb aluminum so that the shafts can be retracted into the volume of the honeycomb.
Note also that the rear shafts go between the two side shafts when the shafts appear to cross at right angles.

The bottom photo shows aluminum honeycomb in its proper location in the vehicle. The honeycomb will be surrounded by a steel box on all sides.
The honeycomb in this photo has its holes pointing upward. The holes should actually point sidewards and rearwards, and such a product can be
purchased from Hexcel Corp.


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