Aluminum Honeycomb
The crumple zone box contains an energy absorbing material like Honeycomb Aluminum from Hexcel Corp.
The link to a Hexcel application note, that follows, gives an example on p. 15 that shows that a 9.5 in. x 9.5 in. x 43 in. block of their material will stop a 1000 lb object traveling at 30 mph with a maximum of 12 G's.

From p. 15, assume a 3000 lb. car traveling 30 mph, and the maximum G's to be 20.
The required amount of ACG-1/4-4.8 honeycomb will be approx. 40 inches long, 36 inches deep, and 5 inches high. The Honeycomb will weigh only 15 lbs. and will cost approx. $400.

Click HERE to see detailed calculations for the results described above.

The NHTSA side impact requirement is a maximum of 85 G's. This invention can reduce the G's down to 20 with only 15 lbs. of material in a small box under the vehicle. I believe that my invention can make a small vehicle safer than a large conventional vehicle.


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